Beauty From Pain

I want to you know that I appreciate you being here. Browsing this site, spending a few minutes of your valuable time to read this post. I have no idea what brought you to this website; maybe you saw a post on Instagram, heard about it from a friend, or are simply a friend of mine who wants to support what I’m doing. Whatever your reason, I want to thank you.

“Why in the world am I starting a website?”

I’m glad you asked. Don’t worry, I’ll try to keep it brief. I rediscovered art a year ago and it changed me. I came carrying pain too deep for words, and I found painting to be a release for some of that heaviness. Not only was it a release for me, but it helped me to understand that beauty can come from pain.

Then I was addicted. My mind thinks in pictures and the ideas kept coming and I kept painting. I keep painting. I’ve found that I need this release, I need the colors to say for me what I can’t express with words. I need the reminder over and over again “Beauty can come from your pain.”

I don’t want to just do this for myself. I want to help others know this; to write it on their hearts until they actually believe it. Beauty can be made from your pain, friend. I don’t go for feel-good, empty phrases either. I believe that beauty is made from pain because I believe that God raised Jesus from the grave. If God can bring life from the death of His Son, and bring many sons to glory through His suffering, He can bring beauty from your heartache. Your suffering is not wasted.

If my art can whisper this in someone’s ear, if it can connect them to this hope, if it can be an ongoing reminder of the Gospel to one person, than this website and all the work that went into it was well worth it.

3 thoughts on “Beauty From Pain

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  1. I love to paint and make art as well and this really speaks to me. I have struggled with that heaviness you mentioned and I do find that painting helps to give some relief. God has really been great to me in showing me the beauty of creating my own pieces! I love the website!


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