Things Too Wonderful for Me

PaintingsHow Small a Whisper…

My fondest memory of this painting is sitting on my living room floor—newspaper, canvas, and half-empty tubes of paint on all sides. It’s nearly midnight on a Saturday; I know I should go to bed or else I’ll have the emotional capacity of a zombie at church the next morning. But I’m here on the floor listening to Monster in the Hollows by Andrew Peterson and slinging flecks of golden-white paint onto the background, and I love the feeling of it all so much that I just don’t want it to end.

It was about a week before when the idea for this painting took shape. A dear friend commissioned me to do a painting with a Dumbledore quote on a starry background. Together, we came up with the design; blue and metallic colors, with elements of stamping, stenciling, and paint-flinging (my personal favorite).


I loved the idea so much that I decided, while I was at it, I’d do a couple more convases in the same style. These were the fastest full-sized projects I’ve done to date. As I began painting, it all came together somehow, and all three were done within 24 hours.

On the following Sunday afternoon, when I-stayed-up-too-late-zombie-Alexa sat down to add the words to the backgrounds, I came face-to-face with the reality that I still hadn’t decided what to put on the two non-commissioned canvases.

I pondered stars, space, and the grandeur of the universe, and the phrase “these are but the fringes of His garments” kept running through my mind. I tracked down the verse, which turned out to be Job 26:14, and knew that this was what needed to go on the biggest canvas.

To think, the most majestic, breathtaking things in creation, even the heavens gleaming with innumerable stars, are all but the outskirts of the glory of God. The mere fringes of His garments…

He is an ocean depth, and, dear friend, we have barely gotten our feet wet.



20200219_090023 (1)


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