Unconditionally Cared For

Painting: Snow

The days have been longer this week, and I love it. The season change serves as a reminder that nothing is out of control. The sun still rises and spring has come as it always does, bringing with it hope of new life in the midst of a world in crisis.  I hope that we don’t let uncertainty about the weeks and months ahead consume our hearts so that we miss the beauty of this season.

Sunday afternoons are dedicated painting time, so I’m gonna try to keep this one short. This painting was for a dear friend that I graduated from high school with. Let me tell you, she is one of the most free, artistic, kindhearted souls that I’ve ever met.

And, she appreciates Sleeping at Last as much as I do.

I could write pages about Sleeping at Last and the impact his music has had on my own life. However, for time’s sake, suffice it to say that he is a brilliant composer and one the most insightful lyricists I’ve ever encountered. His music has helped me glimpse the wonder of creation, humanity, and life itself in a way I’ve never seen before (it has brought tears to my eyes more times that I could name…)

This painting was inspired by Sleeping at Last’s song “Snow.”

Yes, it’s kind of a winter/Christmas song, but what it has to say about old seasons, new seasons, and living in community with one another are by no means confined to any certain time of year.

The table is set
And all glasses are full
The pieces go missing
May we still feel whole
We’ll build new traditions in place of the old
Cause life without revision will silence our souls
Let the bells keep on ringing
Making angels in the snow
And may the melody surround us
When the cracks begin to show
Like the petals in our pockets
May we remember who we are
Unconditionally cared for
By those who share our broken hearts

-from “Snow” (Sleeping at Last)

Of all the things our world needs right now, to learn to love one another well is among the most important. Let’s find ways to serve one another in these days; let’s take care of each other.

Thank you to Ryan O’Neal (Sleeping at Last) for writing such breathtaking music (I’m currently stuck on Atlas I, so if you’ve never listened before, I’d recommend starting there). And thank you to Katherine for being one of the most wonderful human beings I’ve ever met. You’re a blessing to all who know you!



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