Painting: Alice (trio)

I’ve attempted several times to find some clever way to introduce these paintings to the world. I’ve typed out sentences about imagination and childlike wonder, but words weren’t doing what I wanted them to and it’s 11:56 on a weeknight, so I decided to drop any attempt at brilliance. This is the path of least resistance, my friend, and if by some staggering measure of mental fortitude you’ve made it to the end of this paragraph, then I’ve succeeded in dragging you with me.

Welcome.   It’s a pretty great path.

Really, all I have to say that’s worth saying is this: I think the imagination of children is one of the coolest things in the world, and I think it’d benefit all of us jaded and battle-weary adults to regain some of that wonder and freedom.


Thank you so much to Brey, who asked me to do this project and gave me the freedom to let my imagination run wild with it; this has been my favorite project in a long time. I love you!! You’re an amazing friend, and you’re going to be an INCREDIBLE mom!!

IMG-1633IMG-1632IMG-1631IMG-1629 (1)

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