Reflections on a New Year

Painting: Auld Lang Syne As the year begins to draw its final breath, I find my thoughts wandering it directions best described as reflection and hope. Memories were made this year that I'll never forget. Lessons have been learned, mistakes made, and obstacles either overcome or stumbled over. All considering, I know that I am different... Continue Reading →

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Painting: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (for Kaylee) Almost every painting I do carries some meaning deeper than the picture itself, but this one might tip the "meaningful" scale. A zebra? Really? Oh yes. Don't worry, I'll explain. To start, let me introduce you to Kaylee, one of my dearest friends in the world. The first things you'll... Continue Reading →

And It Was All Yellow

Painting: Inside the Hive (for Daddy) I loved making this painting; it's been the most fun project I've done in a long time. Maybe part of the reason I enjoyed it so much is because I love the color yellow. Yellow is the color of sunshine and happiness, and it has a way of making the... Continue Reading →

The Saga of Space Dragon

Painting: Space Dragon (for Madison) Why would I paint something so wildly different from my normal style? Why is the dragon in space? Where in the world did the inspiration for this come from? Short answer: My sister. Space Dragon: The Origin "Alexa, will you paint me a draaaaagon?" I can't help but smile at... Continue Reading →


Painting: Stillness (for Ashlyn, for John Nathan)   Me and this painting went through a lot together. By "a lot," I basically just mean that the process of making this painting had its share of difficult moments. I must to confess there was a specific moment when I stood up from this painting, walked over... Continue Reading →


Painting: City of Orphans (2 Chronicles 20:12) This blog post is difficult to write; it's hard to express with words the intense, heavy emotion poured into this painting. It's one of my most emotionally raw pieces, and one of my favorite works I've done to date. What originally inspired this painting was a biography of... Continue Reading →

Beauty, Sorrow, and the Artist

Painting: All Thy Works With Joy Surround Thee (for Tyler) To begin, I'm really proud of this painting. I like the mists of the waterfall and the depth and layers of foliage; it came together nicely, in my opinion (which is biased). A friend I've known for several years asked me to paint this, modeled after... Continue Reading →

A Head Full of Dreams

Painting: Your Leaves Will Not Wither (for the Williams) I touch the leaves with my fingertips, the raindrops slip from the leaves down my hand. This is real. These colors I'm looking at, this moment that God has given me, this breath inside my lungs. I walk further along the trail, attempting to soak in the... Continue Reading →

A First Time for Everything

Painting: Together is Our Favorite Place to Be (for Audrey's Parents) This painting was a first in so many ways; it differs from my normal style and was my very first commission. I finished it about four months ago, and am only now beginning to understand how much it challenged and grew me as an artist. I painted... Continue Reading →

A Story Unfinished

Painting: (unnamed)  This painting is unique in so many ways. It's the most recent one that I've completed, and I don't even have a name for it yet (I'm totally open to suggestions, just comment them below!). The inspiration for this painting was more a feeling than anything else. I'd been in a darker state... Continue Reading →

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