custom orders

  • Process

For custom orders, I like to begin with a 15 minute meeting (either over coffee or over Skype). I do this because I want to catch the vision of what you want the painting to be.

Within two days, I will text or email you a general sketch or the painting, a final price, and an estimated date of when the project will be finished.

  • Pricing

I price projects based on three factors: supplies, how long I estimate the project to take, and shipping (if not local).

Example: a mid-sized stormy sea painting with a Bible verse on it

For this, I would estimate it taking me about 5 hours, with about $5 material cost, so I would charge around $55 if the customer was local ($55 + shipping if not local).

The price estimate is specific to each project since it depends on variables such as the size and detail of the painting, but I will provide a rough estimate in the initial meeting, and I will send the final price in the email with the sketch.


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